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mightier than the waves of the sea is his great love for you

Last week, I shared this painting I made for the baby’s nursery on social media. I had a ton of people ask for specifics on how I made it or for me to do a tutorial.

mightier than the waves of the sea


Unfortunately, I did not take photos while I was making it and I do not claim to be an expert on palette art, or painting for that matter :)  However,  I will share a simple breakdown of the steps I used to create it. I was inspired to make this piece after seeing this item on etsy.


First of all, find I friend who tears apart large palettes and makes them into canvases :) I am lucky that my friend Allison of Peabody & Sassafras agreed to make me a blank palette. I am not one of those awesome girls that knows her way around an electric drill or a toolbox, so I don’t know how successful this would have been if I had tried to do this step myself :) Thanks again Allison!


From there, I cut letters out of card stock with my cricut and attached them to the palette using my xyron (which made the letters into stickers). If you do not have these tools, you definitely can still do this with some extra effort and time. For the letters, you can try cutting them by hand (tracing a font printed from the computer) or you can find a local scrapbooking store that allows people to pay for a chunk of time to use their die cutting machines. For attaching them, you want to be careful with what you use. You want them to stick well so that the paint doesn’t get under the letters, but you also want to be able to remove them without leaving behind any residue. For this reason, I wouldn’t suggest hot gluing them. A simple glue stick may do the job, as long as you press down firmly. It may leave behind a residue though.


Once the letters were attached, I painted the wood. To give my paint a washed out, chalk paint-like feel, I watered down my acrylic paint a bit. I drew on the waves with a pencil before I painted. I was careful that the letters stayed put in all areas while I was painting.


Once the paint was dry, I pulled the letters off carefully and that was it!


I am so excited to have this guy hanging on the nursery wall, both as a prayer that my son will grow up knowing & trusting in this and also as a reminder to me during those long nights with a newborn :)

Remember that time when I was on an infomercial?

This is definitely a first.


I am in an infomercial.




The good people at ProvoCraft asked if I would be willing to do a short demo and wedding table set up for an infomercial for the new cricut mini. After saying, “Are you serious?”, I jumped on board right away.


It was such a fun and interesting experience. The film crew was amazing- I can definitely get used to being called “the talent” and having a hair & makeup stylist and a wardrobe stylist making sure I look up to par.

Keep an eye out for the infomercial- I don’t have exact times and channels that it will air, but it is all over the place. If you are flipping channels and see the cricut on TV, chances are that is it :) My segment is about 6 1/2  minutes in.


You can also see the whole 28 minute spot on YouTube here.


Here is a look at the DIY project I (very quickly) demonstrated.

That lace backdrop is made out of 7 1/2″ paper squares, cut on the cricut mini and joined together with wire loops. It would look super cute as a photo booth backdrop or behind a cake or dessert display. As I say in the infomercial, “there really are endless possibilities”. Ha! :)


I also designed details for two different wedding reception tables using the cricut. Table numbers, chairbacks, escort cards, menus, vase wraps, etc.



I also made some fun details for a trio of cakes: wraps for the tiers of the main cake (yes- they are paper!), a monogram topper, mini bunting for another cake and I cut a stencil and then stenciled on the monogram in edible glitter on the third cake.


Add in some labels, a flag and banner and you have a wedding infomercial set! Disclaimer for my designer/planner friends: I cannot take credit for the napkins in glasses, overlays or chair sashes :)


My husband laughed for a good 5 minutes at, what he called, my “infomercial voice”. It is pretty funny.


Thanks to ProvoCraft and Raymond Entertainment for having me be a part of it. It was an honor!

Doily Heart Wreath DIY tutorial

For our winter party, I wanted to make a heart wreath. I had a foam heart base left over from a baby shower I helped throw and my initial thought was to yarn wrap it. But- as I learned from that baby shower- yarn wrapping a heart takes WAY longer than it should. Like 2-3 hours long. I needed something I could start and finish during my boys afternoon nap.


I found a package of red heart doilies at the grocery store for $1.50 and thought that they would look cute wrapped around the wreath. It turned out great and- seriously- was SO easy and fast! I had the entire project done in about 20 minutes.

photo by Nikki Crockett


All you need is a foam heart wreath, a package of doily hearts and a glue gun. Under $10 total. Quick and cheap? My kind of project.


You don’t need to do anything to the foam wreath- I wanted the white to show through the holes in the doilies. Starting at the bottom point of the heart, take a heart doily and wrap it around one side of the point. The doilies will not wrap all the way around the foam- you want to try to center them so they cover all of the visible area when you are looking at it straight on. Once you have it placed where you want it, lift up half of it and put a dot of hot glue on to anchor it. Then, I just dotted a bit of hot glue around the edges and gently pressed the doily down.


Work your way up one side, slightly overlapping each doily. Sorry I don’t have any photos from the beginning- I totally forgot I was going to do a tutorial until about half way through :)


On the straight bottom edges, the doilies lay flat very well. Once the heart starts to curve, it gets a bit trickier. I would place it where I wanted it, glue it down in the center and then play around with it a bit to get it to lay flat. You will have to fold or tear some of them on the back side to get them smooth.


When you get to the top of the heart, make sure to line up the edge of the heart doily with the center point of the heart.

When you get to the top on the other side, slightly layer the last doily over the other center doily so that the point of the heart is covered.


Glue down any pieces that are sticking up and you’re done!


I finished mine off with some red and white striped grosgrain ribbon to hang it.