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Introducing Maxwell

I am excited to introduce you to our new son!



Maxwell Weston Toney

Born April 14th at 2:06pm

8 pounds, 2 ounces

21 inches long





He has already brought so much joy to our family and we are so thankful for this incredible gift God has given us.

A big thank you to my friend Nikki Crockett for the beautiful photos

Maternity Leave

The other day it hit me that I only have about 2 1/2 months until I meet our  new little guy. Crazy! This pregnancy has flown by and I know that the weeks ahead are going to move just as quickly.




I am trying to finish up the big boys room so that I can move on to the nursery. I’ve been going through boxes of baby clothes and figuring out what I need to get before he makes his appearance in April. Trying to negotiate with my husband on a name for this kid. Yes, in case you were wondering, he still does not have a name…


While I am in baby land, I will not be taking any custom orders. That includes flags, thank you banners and just married banners and our balloon birthday suite. All orders that are ready to ship will remain in the shop and will be available for purchase throughout that time, except for a week or two after the baby is born.


This means that any custom orders need to be placed by Monday, March 3rd. After that, I won’t be taking any custom orders until June 2nd. So, if you need any banners or flags for a spring wedding, birthday party or baby shower, you’ve got to be an early bird and order this month.


10 weeks and counting!!!

InstaFriday- it’s a fun one!

This is probably my most exciting instafriday post to date because…



Yep! There’s a baby in there!


I am 12 weeeks- due in the middle of April. We are so thrilled and thankful! God has given me 4 pregnancies- when cancer said I would have none. God blessed us with this baby one month after we lost our sesame seed. He is so good. And I am so grateful.


Less exciting from our week, but other fun moments I shared on instagram:


A little father-son bocce match:


At Isaiah’s best friend’s birthday party, the boys had their first experience with silly string and cotton candy. The verdict: Isaiah thought silly string was awesome. Hudson didn’t want to be anywhere near it. Isaiah loved cotton candy. Hudson took one bite, then left it on his tongue saying “yucky! yucky!”.


My friend Emmy is adopting a baby and has been doing some fun fundraisers for it. This week, I got my banner in the mail from my banner exchange partner and it looks so great on my frame above my workspace! She also included some fun extra goodies, which was so thoughtful!


My banner is done and will be going in the mail tomorrow, along with some of my mini banners. I loved playing with these fun papers:


I am headed into the weekend feeling SO joyful and also a little crazy as I rush to get one million things done before we leave for Nashville on Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed for less nausea in the coming week and lots of productive Queen Bee Market prep.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Last call for custom orders!

Because we are busy prepping for The Queen Bee Market, we will be putting a hold on custom orders for a few weeks. The last day to place a custom order will be this Wednesday, October 2nd. We will be accepting custom orders again at the end of October.



Our normal items will still be available in the shop throughout the month. If you are thinking of ordering a custom order, contact me through the etsy shop today or tomorrow.

Queen Bee Market!

I’m excited to announce that I will have a booth again at the Queen Bee Market! It is coming up this November 1st & 2nd in San Diego. You do not want to miss it- it is one of my favorite weekends of the year. So much fun stuff to see and buy :)


A little bit of a different direction

When I started this blog after selling my wedding planning business, I had grand visions for it. I planned to have DIY projects, lots of events and crafting tips. I also wanted it to be a place where I could share my life, as that was something I didn’t feel freedom to do on my wedding blog.


I have loved having a space where I can post whatever I want- whether it is photos of our products or photo shoots we have been a part of, recapping parties I have been a part of throwing or sharing about my life and my kids, mainly through instafriday posts. I have always felt a bit of failure, though, when I think about everything I set out for this blog to be. My intentions of creating new content and projects for the blog never came to fruition because I just don’t have time for that. I am not a blogger- I am a crafter and an etsy shop owner. More than that, I’m a wife, a mom and a friend and all of that takes priority over blogging, so there have not been nearly as many posts as I had hoped. I am okay with that though. From here on out, I don’t want to put any expectations on what I “should” be blogging about but am not.


So what does this mean? I am still going to post most of what I have been posting. I am still going to try to do instafriday every Friday. I am still going to share photos of my products. I am still going to recap our seasonal parties and birthday parties and baby showers, but without putting any expectations on myself about it.


The other big change is that I am going to be writing more. A few months ago, out of nowhere, I felt a knot it my stomach and suddenly felt like God was telling me that I need to write again. I have always enjoyed writing, but after college, my journalling slowly dwindled and I did not have much occasion for writing anymore. Especially after the kiddos came around, I had no desire and/or time for it. So the conviction that I needed to be writing again came out of left field. Way way out of the outer left field.


I’ve started slowly and it has been really therapeutic for me. Especially while dealing with some hard stuff, writing has allowed me some space and time to process, pray and think. So, every so often, I will be sharing my thoughts and my heart on here. I hope it will help others process life or encourage readers through what I’m learning but, overall, I just want this to be a place that I feel safe to open up, create and share.

Friday is the last day for custom orders for the year

I will be taking a break from custom orders for the holidays, so this Friday, November 30th, is the last  day to order a custom banner, flag or mini banner. This includes our flags and thank you banners. Custom orders will resume January 2nd. So, if there is something you have been thinking about ordering, now is the time :)


All of our ready to ship items, including our holiday banners, will still be available in the shop through December.

The Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad- this weekend!

SoCal friends: The Queen Bee Market is this friday & saturday in Carlsbad!! It’s going to be the best one yet: over 70 amazing vendors, make & takes, a photo booth and they are even giving away Cricut machines & an iPad mini!


Check out more information here. I will be there with tons of holiday banners, mini banner stands, flags, party hats & tags :)  There may also be a free giveaway of a song off of our upcoming Christmas album…   (more on that to come!!)

Thanksgiving banners in the shop- limited availability

I was not planning on listing any thanksgiving banners in my etsy shop, as I am stocking up for Queen Bee Market, but after many people asked, I decided to make what I have in stock available to all of you :)



There is a very limited availability of thankful, give thanks, happy thanksgiving and blessed banners available in the shop. Once they are gone, they are gone, so grab one while you can :)



I will have more at The Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad, which is November 16 & 17. If you are local, I hope to see you there!


I need your help :)

Hi everyone!


I  have a big favor to ask. I entered my dear friend Shae into the Queen for a Day contest, which is a part of the Queen Bee Market, and she has made it to the top 5! It’s now open to the public to vote. If she wins, here is more info on what she will be given, which would be such a blessing:


Shea is one of the most amazing people I know and is so deserving of this. You can see the entry I wrote about her here.


It takes just a minute to vote. Please please click here & vote for Shae :)