Our album and a black friday instasale!

Thanksgiving is over, which means christmas time!!! It also means christmas music. Which also means that OUR CHRISTMAS ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE!!!! Woo~hoo!!!


My husband and I released a Christmas album last night and I am so proud of it. You can order it here.


To entice you a bit more, our kids sings on it. Cutest thing ever :)


My husband is having a black friday sale as well: if you purchase the Christmas album (“Bright Bright Bright” ) you can get his worship album, “Broken Hallelujah” for 50% off!


Also, today some of the vendors from the Queen Bee Market will be having a black friday sale on instagram. Look up the hashtag #qbmblackfriday and you’ll find lots of great stuff you can claim right there on instagram! I will be selling some of my holiday banners at discounted prices before I list them in my etsy shop. My instagram is @courttoney


Happy Christmastime everyone!

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