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Isaiah’s little man bedroom

A while back, I shared my youngest son Hudson’s navy and apple green preppy nursery. I just realized this week that I never shared his older brothers room, so I’m back today to do just that!


When we moved Isaiah into his big boy bed & new room when he was 3, I could not find any bedding I really liked that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. While brainstorming what I wanted to the design to be, I kept coming back to argyle. I have always called Isaiah my little man because, for some reason, he just has that aire to him. He’s always had a big head with tons of hair and has a quirky personality and mischievous little grin. From birth, I have dressed him in old man sweaters (with the patches on the sleeves) and argyle socks & shirts. I decided that would be a fun way to go with his room.


I felt like something was still missing though- like I needed one more unique element. Enter my husband’s love of records and the fact that music is a huge part of our family. It fit the retro/old man theme well and was a cheap way to add some decor in, so I went with it.


His bed was a hand-me-down from my cousin which we painted black. My mom and I made his duvet cover out of two flat sheets I bought at walmart for dollars each. We sewed the large turquoise diamonds on and then I hand stitched the orange diamonds. It took FOREVER and I was driving myself crazy being anal about strait stitches and lines, but I am so happy with how it turned out. Two years later, it is still holding up beautifully. I looked high and low for some simple striped sheets and ended up finding some at a KMart in the mountains for $12!


I also designed the curtain and pillow and my mom (who is a great seamstress) sewed them for me. The guitar pillow was a gift for his first birthday (it was from pottery barn kids) and his octopus (his lovey) is from the sadly gone Baby Style. The orange laundry basket (shown in the top picture) is from Land of Nod.


Since we were renting, my husband did not want me to paint the walls (I had to plead with him to let me do the stripes in Hudson’s room & I won!), I got a vinyl wall piece off of etsy (from seller Beep Art). It was an easy and cheap way to add some punch to the white walls. Little table & chairs are from Ikea and I happened upon the perfect little houndstooth box at Michaels.


His bookshelf was thrifted & painted. Lamp from Pottery Barn Kids & piggy bank from Target. The Robot on the shelf was a baby shower gift for our younger son, but I had to steal it for Isaiah’s room since it matched so perfectly! I stuck a vintage Music Man record on the shelf that I found at The Queen Bee Market along with Isaiah’s baseball signed by Heath Bell.



The three records on the wall I stole from my parent’s vintage record collection. They were all scratched badly, so listening to them wasn’t an option, so they made perfect wall art! The albums are:  The Beatles, The original sountrack from The Wizard of Oz, and one from Elvis. I put them in record frames from Michaels with solid color card stock behind them.


We’ve moved since these pictures were taken and I so badly miss those amazing built in cabinets (our old house was a 1945 cottage). His room is pretty much the same now in our new house, just a bit smaller and with legos all over the place. I think that everything total cost me under $80- which was the most awesome part.

Look at how little he looks! And this was less than a year ago- so crazy! Stop growing up kid!